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Traffic Travis: Professional SEO Tool

Traffic TravisTraffic Travis is a useful tool recently introduced to the market. So, what’s an SEO authority without his/her tools? This tool surely makes my marketing efforts a lot easier. It’s one of the best SEO software to create multiple SEO and PPC research projects for several websites at a time across multiple search engines. Here I’m revealing some of its key features.

So who is Travis?

I came cross Travis when I was reading an article about SEO tools. It’s shabbier and less complex option to the renowned “Market Samurai” an SEO tool.

This tool gives you the capability to accumulate information on all sorts of SEO data about a particular blog/site. The information could be gained at no cost from different tools but those tools don’t have the incorporated functionalities that Traffic Travis offers. So, why waste more time experiencing a mixture of tools that are free when all the information you require in accessible one place?

Key Features

An Easy to Use Interface

It’s simple to use interface makes it a best choice for beginner SEO’s. It requires less time to load and does what you need very fast. It’s a combination of 5 major tools, namely: SEO Analysis, SEO Tools, Keyword Tools, Page Analysis and PPC Analysis.

SEO Analysis

This tool is very helpful to inspect macro perspective of your competitors in connection to your desired keyword phrase.

Search Engine Tools

This is the hub of all Traffic Travis tools and also my favorite. It includes, Backlinks to site, Ranking sub-tool, Project Report sub-tools and sites for seywords.

Backlinks to Site sub-tool provide a useful information regarding list of backlinks leading to your website.

The Ranking sub-tool is basically for systematically checking your ranking data in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This sub-tool records the dates when you update the rankings as you run the tool and also determines which webpage ranks for a particular keyword.

Project Report Sub-tool handles reports of your rankings in the preferred search engines. It shows you in a sheet or in a graph format any fluctuations in rankings.

Top Sites for Keywords sub-tool is for finding the rankings of specific domains or URLs compared to your competitors based on your chosen keywords for the top twenty rankings.

Keyword Tools

There’s no doubt that keywords are the cornerstone of any SEO campaigns. This is the perfect sub-tool to begin with. It has two sub functions, Keyword Sorter and Keyword Finder.

The Keyword Sorter is awfully helpful to sort out the keywords that you want in terms of search traffic.

Keyword Finder deals with the possible keywords that you would like to apply. It will give you related keyword suggestions regarding the keyword you entered. It will show the search volume of the keyword as per Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Page Analysis

Importing the sitemap is one of the most popular ways to use this tool and you can also put in 1 page URL to run this page analysis tool. It complies information about all of the webpages of a website’s sitemap in relation to it’s score and keywords.

PPC Analysis

This tool is really useful if you’re into PPC. It helps in getting Google Adsense data as per keyword.

So you’re pretty convinced out there and want to know – How much this tool cost? So the big news is that, this tool is absolutely FREE to use. There are some limitations to force you buy its professional version. However, the free version still gives you a good idea of the tool and allows you to study a blog/site and to analyze a campaign or page.


Top 3 Cheap Web Hosts

Inexpensive web hostingThere are a number of things to consider when you’re looking for the cheap web host. Things like price, customer support, and features are among the critical aspects that will affect your decision, and it can be difficult to see which one will give you the most value for your hard-earned dollars. Thankfully, InexpensiveWebHosting.co site can tell you in an easy-to-read list how the cheapest hosts rank amongst each other. You can read these reviews in detail yourself, but in this post we’ll have an overview of the top 3 hosts, what they offer, and why you would choose one over the other.


The host with perhaps the cheapest monthly price is iPage, a Boston-based company that offers a complete web hosting package at a mere $1.99/month. At face value this sounds like a steal, but it’s important to note that this is a promotional price. The regular rate is $8.49/month, which applies after the first month. The regular price is about on par with other cheap hosting services, but the great thing is the sheer amount of features you get with such a low price.

Features include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, site builders so that you can get up and running as soon as possible, unlimited MySQL databases, easily installable web apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others, and eCommerce functionality that will allow you to kickstart your online business.

The only real downside is that they can occasionally have downtime every month. It’s not major, but it’s something to consider if you have more demanding needs. Overall though, iPage has a pretty good value for how much it costs.


FatCow is a very competitive service with $3.15/month as a promotional price, and after the first month it turns into $9.49/month. It’s about a dollar more than iPage, but at the same time it offers a couple advantages over the other service. Namely, they will give you one free domain name, which is great for boosting your brand presence and recognition, POP email boxes so that you can create your own email address to go along with your new domain, and slightly improved uptime with less outages (on average) every month.

The rest of their features mirror iPage, including easily installable web apps. This and much more is included in what they call the Script Barn, which provides you a series of premade scripts and software that you can use on your new web site.

Just Host

At first glance, Just Host has a monthly price in the middle of the other two at $2.95/month, but after not one, but two months, it goes to $6.99/month. Its regular price is about the best you can get in terms of the cheapest web hosting, and yet they still offer a wide range of features.

Like the other web hosts, they have the same kind of unlimited disk space and bandwidth, free domain registration, unlimited MySQL databases and email addresses, and a free site builder for those who want to get going as quickly as possible.

Final Thoughts

Overall, all three of these hosts will give you quite a bit of value for how much you spend. In terms of ease of use, FatCow might have the nicest control panel interface, but that’s honestly down to personal preference. Out of these three, you can’t really go wrong with any of them, though if you want to save the most amount of money in the long run, Just Host is a pretty good option.


Discover the Secrets of How to Create a Website

Secrets of How to Create a WebsiteIf you’re interested in saving money on the cost of professional web design, learning how to create a website may be the perfect solution. Because you won’t need to pay for outsourced web design, you will dramatically reduce the final tab of setting up a website.

However, in order to optimize the benefits of this cost-saving method, you’ll need to learn how to get the job done right. When you follow our tips, you’ll discover a perfect, quick and dependable way to create your own website, without any downside or drawbacks.

Doing-it-yourself will be as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Well, actually, doing it yourself will be as easy as 1, 2, 3, 4. Basically, there are four steps to follow when you decide to set up your own website. These steps are easy to learn – simply drop by createmyownwebsite.co today in order to find out exactly what’s involved with getting the job done, DIY-style.

When you do, you’ll be able to enjoy detailed instructions that make website creation a total breeze, even for newbies who have very little knowledge of technical matters related to hosting, domains and coding.

The four steps are website hosting and domain registration, WordPress installation, configuring WordPress and promoting a website. Since each step will require a little time to understand (but not a lot), dropping by howtocreateawebsite2013.com will be the smartest way to proceed.

This handy online resource features detailed and easy-to-understand instructions for each step on the list. This website’s writers break things down, step by step, so that everyone can wrap their heads around the task of self-directed website creation.

For this reason, entrepreneurs all over the World Wide Web are visiting this website in order to access the help that they really need. When you visit today, you’ll be able to enjoy a premier, Web-based resource that may be bookmarked and enjoyed, again and again.

It’s Not as Hard as You Might Think

As you can see, making a website on your own isn’t that difficult. If you’re willing to do a little homework and research, you’ll find that it’s possible to enjoy the ultimate in self-directed web creation, while also saving a bundle on the cost of your website. By handling the tasks of website creation all by yourself, you’ll also have incredible control over the end result.

Now that you know how to create a website, why not do it yourself today? By using our expert tips, you’ll be ready to make the most of your website, without paying a web designer. Because the process is uncomplicated, as long as you understand the four steps, there’s really no reason to hold back.

Online entrepreneurs often lack significant start-up capital, or wish to conserve the funds that they do have reserved for this purpose. For online businesspeople of this type, self-directed website creation is definitely the most cost-effective means of creating functional and appealing websites which cost very little money. When you make a website yourself, you’ll pay for hosting, domain registration, and very little else.

So, why not make your own website today?


Software as a Service (SAAS)

SAAS explained in 2 minutes! Learn what is SAAS and how could be helpful for your business! I have enjoyed this video.


How to Choose a Best PDF Software

Online PDF ConverterMinimizing paper consumption has been the latest tune of not just the environment experts but all of concerns alike. With many stress specified in electronic reading as well as saving trees it is virtually essential for all to start knowing the importance of electronic files. This also signifies that individual has to pressure on the significance of utilizing such file formats that are expectedly environment friendly as well. PDF format is considered one of the most and essential formats accessible if you need to inculcate the routine of e-reading. And one don’t really need to have a prearranged set of knowledge so as to run PDF file formats as well as convert PDF folders to word. All you want is PDF converter software and detail about the procedure of utilizing it.

Insights on Choosing the Best PDF Converter

Choosing the best PDF converter software is a daunting task. It requires thorough research and time in order to determine the most and reliable software suitable for you. The first and foremost step you need to take into your consideration is to know the two types of PDF converter software that are available in the market at this moment. One being an offline converter and second the online converter.

If you are looking for convenient software, online PDF converter like Docs.Zone (https://docs.zone) is the good option most especially when internet connection is not a concern, networking is great and accuracy of connection is quick. For more information regarding usage of Docs.Zone you can visit dottech.org.

On the other hand online pdf converter have specific limitations. They can take so much time than needed. They are not safe, because uploading their personal files online is needed.

On the other hand offline converters are more reliable, fast and accurate. One of the best advantages of using this is that they are safe. With a huge number of offline converters accessible today, the consumers requires to follow some essential tips so as to get reliable PDF software.

PDF software that offers free trial is one of the significant factors you need to consider on How to choose best PDF software. Purchase it only after due approval with free trial. The quality of conversation plays a significant role for the consumers. Unique and unusual images and content, hyperlinks as well as layout need to be properly maintained in word upon conversation.
Compare price will also aid you select the best PDF converter available. For many consumers, normally budget is the main concern. The costs of PDF software vary by brands and creators. A number of PDF tools present can purchase for about $100, while some PDF tool available can be obtained for about $30 only. You must not underestimate the capability of cheaper brand. They are capable to do basic PDF conversion in a certified and professional manner.

It is also very important to check for advanced functions, you need to examine whether the PDF converter software is capable to convert specific pages of the file, and whether it can convert batch of document. Opt of the PDF converter that has the capability to perform these functions.

It makes it easy for you on how to choose best PDF converter through reading PDF converter reviews online.

Web Hosting

HostGator Review

HostGator is often considered one of the best web hosting services for your business website. Check out HostGator review below.

Web Hosting

Things You Should Know About Web Hosting

Top 10 Web HostingEven if you are just creating and developing a simple website, it is still important to make use of a good hosting service to make the most of what you have, especially if you intend to improve it in the future, and you must not just choose a hosting provider without checking it out thoroughly. In order to choose a reliable host, you may look for the top 10 web hosting services obtainable and choose the appropriate one for you.

Tips To Remember When Looking Into The Best Web Hosting Services

When looking for the best web hosting providers, you must remember to take several things into account since there are a number of considerations to be aware of.

1) When it comes to availing a free domain, there are actually things that you have to take note of such as the actual domain owner and concerns regarding the renewal of the domain. Though the domain is free, the hosting provider may retain the domain ownership, meaning that you are either stuck with the provider forever or you have to pay to buy the domain back. The free ownership of the domain may only be applicable for the first year. If you want to renew it, then you may have to pay for it. Therefore, you have to ask a series of questions concerning the ownership as well as the renewal of the domain before making a decision.

2) Since the domain name is your identity online, it is beneficial to take care of it properly. You may want to register it at your current web host, but it does not have to be registered at the same company provider. It is a matter of finding a trustworthy registrar.

3) When selecting the best web hosting, there are terms of service that may be overlooked such as the bandwidth and disk space. You have to read the terms thoroughly to get greater possibilities. The amount of data that are being transferred in and out must not be overlooked. Since different web hosts offer different prices depending on the bandwidth, you may want to compare them first before selecting one.

4) There are web hosts that may offer unlimited storage, but you should know that there is no such thing at storage without limitation. Thus, you really have to pay attention to the terms of service when they claim this to you.

5) Though the web host backups your files, it is still wise to do your own backup.

6) Never invest in something that does not satisfy you. If you are in doubt, but you still have to choose a web host anyway, then you should always evaluate it carefully and avoid long-term contracts especially if you are not confident with the web host of your choice.

7) Customer support is one major factor to put emphasis on when looking for a web host especially if you are still new to owning a website and you have several questions in mind. If you encounter some problems, then relying on the customer support is a great help. However, not all web hosts offer the support that you need and that is why, you really have to look for a reliable provider that focuses on technical support.

8) There are packages and facility offered by web hosts. To make the most of what is offered by a web host, you have to find out about all the things that you have paid for because it is your right to get all the things you deserve.

9) Some web hosts advertise for the sake of advertising and for focusing on the needs of the customers. When choosing, it is important that you find a provider that can back up any claims that it makes.

10) When signing up with a web host, it is essential to choose the one that provides a money back guarantee.

11) If you want to create a website for business or professional purposes, then you may avoid a free hosting service since it cannot meet your demands.

It is beneficial to look for the top 10 web hosting providers when selecting the appropriate service to meet the needs of your site. With the tips and suggestions available, you will have greater ideas on what to consider and what to avoid.